About Me

In the words of former US President, Richard M. Nixon, "I'm not a cook..."

...or something like that.

Growing up in an Italian family, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  I was always chopping vegetables or watching some adult pour pasta into a pot I could just about sit in.  I have fond memories of baking cookies with my grandfather and watching my mother layer lasagna, but I have regrets too.

See, I never actually learned how to cook.  Sure, I could boil water and go through the motions.  I could even create some fairly edible concoctions, but I never fully understood what I was doing and why.  What makes dinner work?  I had no idea.  Actually, I still don't!  But I'm dedicated to learning.

That's why I've set out to write my first book -- a kitchen book -- where I will demystify dinner and hopefully help some of my fellow clueless cooks out there.  This blog will serve as a sounding board for my research and work.  I promise to (try to) update it weekly with a new recipe and to keep you posted on my progress.

As my grandmother would say, "Vaffancu---"

...err..."Buon Appetito!"

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