Monday, July 23, 2012

Tissue? I Don't Even Know You!

Since I moved into my apartment, I've been buying Puffs plus lotion cubes.  They're great tissues and the boxes are adorable.  The sale price is usually 98 cents and one box will last me a while (unless it's the winter). Today while wandering through Rite Aid, I saw Kleenex tissues (with lotion) on sale for 5/$5.  More than I'd spend on the Puffs, but then I looked at the contents.  70 3-ply tissues for $1.  I looked at the Puffs that I usually buy.  56 2-ply tissues for 98 cents.  The Kleenex offers 20% more tissues with a thicker ply for 2 cents more.  That means the Kleenex are about 1.4 cents a tissue and Puffs are 1.8 cents per tissue.

On an aesthetic note, the Puffs box is much cuter than the Kleenex, but it's just not worth the added expense.

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