Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Better Breakfast

This morning I got off the train at Union Square so I could get a nice walk in before work.  I had completely forgotten it was Wednesday, and by extension, market day in the square.  The Greenmarket opens at 8AM, offering a variety of stands selling everything from organic fruits and vegetables to fresh baked breads to yummy preserves.  There's even a wine stand for those interested.  I picked up a nice bunch of strawberries and headed to work, but my mind has been buzzing with the possibility of making a weekly farmer's market run.  It would probably be a better idea to go after work (for refrigeration purposes), but at 8:30AM there were hardly any people shopping so I was able to pick up what I wanted and head out.

The prices are extremely reasonable.  For example, I saw $1.50 for a head of lettuce, and $6 for a carton of strawberries (there's also a 2 for $10 deal).  That's better than the genetically modified junk they sell me at the supermarket.

If you haven't already, please avail yourself of the market.  It's healthier, more environmentally sound, and doesn't cost anymore than you'd normally spend.  How can you beat that?

For more information on the who, what, when, where, why, and how, visit GrowNYC's page.

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