Monday, June 4, 2012

5th Avneue Festival!

It's summer, which means street festivals in Brooklyn.  Yesterday, I stumbled into the 5th Avenue Festival in Bay Ridge.  Local vendors and store owners came out and displayed their wares.  They were selling everything: jewelry, handbags, clothes, plastic swords -- I even saw a guy taking a nap in a Thor helmet.   Since it's a street festival, it's free to wander around and the prices on everything were so reasonable.  The most expensive vendor I saw was the perfume stand (at $20+).  I picked up a mini poster for $4 and noticed the stand was selling prints I've seen at big chain stores, but for 75% less than the "big names".  I'm down with saving money.

Anyway, I specifically wandered through to check out the food situation.  There were a lot of sausage trucks, fried calamari, and corn on the cob (which was sadly one of the healthiest thing I saw at the festival).  Rocco's Pizzeria was hosting a pizza eating contest, the thought of which makes my lunch want to come back for an encore.

I was intrigued when I saw fruit sitting on this stand.  This is a crepe station and the fruit was for fresh smoothies.  I so wish I hadn't eaten before heading out to do chores.
There were also multiple bands playing on different sections and some stands talking about health.  I saw a chiropractic station, a group raising money for diabetes awareness, and this band that, apparently, had something to do with Pancreatic Cancer.  I didn't hear the introduction, but they did a mean rendition of "Downtown", which made me happy.

My local farmer's market is opening up so I'll be writing about that next week.  What else should I check out in Brooklyn?

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