Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food Where It's Needed

A few years ago I spent a bulk of my free time in Bed Stuy.  While it wasn't the most glamorous of neighborhoods, we made do with what was available.  I remember the first time I ever walked down Myrtle Avenue, I turned to my then-boyfriend and said, "I've never seen so many fried chicken restaurants."  Literally every block had one.  Every restaurant featured fried food.  I don't remember ever seeing a sandwich shop or anything remotely fresh available.  I do seem to remember an incident of the accidental purchase of rotten apples from the one grocery store in the neighborhood.

This is why I was so excited when I came across the Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger (BSCAH).  "In 2011 [the] SuperPantry served over 1.2 million meals to the hungry families of New York City. [They] serviced all Boroughs and neighborhoods, and currently over 11,000 unduplicated clients shop at [their] pantry each month, with more people joining [the] pantry every day." 

 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Besides offering food to the hungry, BSCAH also offers educational support, which really makes the difference.  They help members with resume writing, job referrals, computer and interview training, GED preparation, and college advisement. 

BSCAH performs health screenings for high blood pressure, blood sugar, and HIV as those with poor diets who cannot afford to see a doctor are at the highest risk for unchecked obesity, diabetes, and other associated complications.

On top of all this, they have a farm where they produce 2500 lbs.of fresh produce.  They really do it all.

They have entered "Twive and Receive" a fundraising fundraiser!  The top 3 fundraisers get a bonus share of $30,000 on top of the money they raised.  You might have noticed a new button on my sidebar.

I'd like to help BSCAH and I hope you will too!  Click the button on my page or here to donate through the website. 

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