Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wino Wednesday: Agustinos Reserva Malbec

Tonight we're drinking Agustinos Reserva Malbec.  The wine is Chilean and was vintaged in 2009.

"Deep purple in color, with a nose 
that features pleasing aromas of red fruits, 
black cherries, black pepper, cloves and violets."

Full-bodied.  Sharp.  Aromatically, the black cherries take control.  The wine explodes on the tip of the tongue and then, like a firework, fizzles to the back of the mouth where the aftertaste can be enjoyed, rather than endured.  Deceptively purple, the color does not foretell the astringency of the pepper, which resonates long after the wine has gone.

Did I enjoy it?  Yes.  Was it my favorite?  I wouldn't go that far.

What would you recommend for my next Wino Wednesday?

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