Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Perspective

I decide what I'm making for dinner while I'm at work, which means I'm running to the grocery store almost daily, picking up things I didn't think of on my big haul earlier in the week.  Whether it's olives, peppers, cumin, or bread, I'm spending a lot of money on each meal individually.  I'm also creating a lot of waste.  I won't finish all the milk I buy or my bread will go stale before I've eaten enough sandwiches.

Purely out of frustration, I (and my wallet) are going on a diet.

I WILL NOT buy an ingredient and only use it for one meal.
I WILL use everything I buy.
I WILL cook every day.
I WILL only go to the store once a week...okay twice.  (Hey, you try carrying a week's worth of groceries  a half mile and then up a walk-up!)

These are the new rules of engagement in my kitchen.  I'll post my shopping list, amount spent, and will be adding a new feature to the blog.  I will take an accounting of how much each recipe cost to make.  I'll also be posting pictures on my Facebook page in an album called: Keeping Me Honest.  I'll update it everyday with what I made so you can see that I'm sticking to this challenge.

Wish me luck!

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